A Filipino Entrepreneur

By Princess Aileen Quimpo

A graduate of Business Administration and Marketing at De La Salle University, Philippines, and New York University, U.S.A., William Llamas, Jr. has worked for more than 20 years in Pharmaceutical and Consumer companies, and is currently the Business Development Manager for Willion Health.

Willion Health was founded in 2009, as the nutraceutical division of Meyers Pharmaceuticals- a family business engaged in pharmaceuticals for over 30 years. As Business Development Manger, William is the one responsible for new prospective partners and distributors globally, and exploring breakthrough products to add to their portfolio.

Their business is promoting health and wellness through unique and innovative health products to cater to the different health needs of consumers, to support and help prevent cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, diabetes, obesity  and other lifestyle diseases. This is in sync with advocacy programs for each product.

Service to humanity is the best work in life.

Meeting the needs of the market, Willion Health includes products such as Cardiobes 3-in-1 Nutritional Heart Supplement, which is also its best selling product, GlucoCare- Healthy Blood Sugar Formula, DietSlim- Healthy Weight Management Supplement, and LungPro- Nutritional Lung Supplement. All of these complementary products are sourced using only the best quality raw materials, natural with no chemicals added; they are produced and certified under strict international standards. Willion Health products are imported from their partner companies in Europe, USA and Asia.

Using a combination of traditional and modern marketing, including promotions through social media, events and concerts to reach their

target markets.

Handling this business is not a simple task, much still has to be done and accomplished, however, with hard work and willingness to serve, William aims to make Willion Health a successful health company in the near future whilst helping more people improve their health and have a better quality of life.

This job may have William traveling to different parts of the world, but he adds that one of the best things being in this industry is to be able to make new colleagues, business partners and friends, learning about their cultures and traditions, while enriching the lives of many.

“Service to humanity is the best work in life”, a credo of William’s grandfather, which he wishes to continue through business and community service activities.

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