A Tale of True Determination

The portrayal of a strong woman, Imelda, who spent almost half of her life in Bahrain. Eager to help her mother sustain her medication, she decided to take a step on a mountain hill to make her most precious person free from suffering. Never did she have an idea of what life might bring her.

She took the risk to move to Bahrain to find a job. She first worked as a housekeeper for an Arab family. No job is an easy task; her first work had almost never given her a rest. It required much encouragement to get up and go on with her day, yet her only source of strength to work so hard, her mother, had passed. This time, she was given a chance to go back home, and be with her for the last time. The only thing left for Imelda was the choice to continue her life abroad. She was then transferred to another home to work to a British family, which luckily gave her a better working environment, with her own accommodation, an eight-hour working day, and one day off during the week. Due to some circumstances, the family had to go to Canada, which left her unemployed; but it didn’t stop there. She managed to join to an association of Filipino waitresses who worked in Bahrain. Almost seven years of on-call service for events and weddings gave her a great income and savings.

Mrs. never lost hope that eventually things would be better and fall into own place.

She met her now husband, and they were blessed with three children. But life wasn’t done with her yet; her husband suffered a rare kind of disease that made the news headlines. Miller Fisher syndrome is a very rare disease contracted by only a small percentage of the human population; unfortunately it was her husband that caught the disease. Making him incredibly weak, even a piece of paper couldn’t stay in between his fingers for too long; an exercise his doctor made him to do, but failed, for the disease was too strong, and left him almost paralyzed. Fortunately, with God’s will and with the help of the association and the government of Bahrain, her husband has been cured, with the assistance of a lot of medication. The doctors here in Bahrain worked extensively to bring him back to a normal state. With all the trials and challenges Imelda had to face along her journey as an OFW, she never lost hope that eventually things would be better and fall into own place. A true possession of determination and faith, which lead her to settle, now she is currently working as a sales assistant for almost seven years and counting, in Le Monelle, a store situated in Ritz Carlton, with collections of Italian brands, and is happy.

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