A True Image of Passion and Diligence Elpidio Quitevis KCR, DTM, CPA, PhD

 His life can be compared to a seed deprived of natural growth resources but blossomed into a magnificent fruit- bearing tree for mankind to share.

Presently connected with Investate Realty, a real-estate investment firm based at Bahrain Financial Harbour, as Finance and Administration Manager. He held senior positions in several known companies since his arrival to Bahrain in 1981. His quest for self-actualization is indeed very inspiring as it reflects trials and tribulations, determination, perseverance, faith, family, and giving back.

Trials. Dr. Quitevis, with three other siblings, were born and raised in Sabuanan, Sta. Lucia, Ilocos Sur. He led a roller-coaster form of life. Initially well-provided (due parents’ fairly-sized business), but this did not last long due to their early demise. Their father died when he was barely 3 years old, followed by their mother few years later leaving him (and his siblings) orphaned at the young age of 11. After the closure of the family business, the siblings agreed that the oldest brother will finish his studies first and in turn would help the younger siblings finish theirs. Their sustenance came from sales proceeds of their parents’ properties, selling one after the other leaving just one – their ancestral home.

Determination & Perseverance. Without waiting for his brother’s graduation, which can be contingent, he went his own way to chase his dreams. He worked at the Vice- Mayor’s household and farm until he completed high school.

Quitives-1bA young orphan’s dream was to get a college degree, which served as his main source of determination. “Our parents instilled in us the value education and the gateway for a bright future”, he says. Apparently, their parents believed that naming their children after known personalities they may end up like them someday. So they named their sons Elpidio and Ramon, after former Philippine Presidents Elpidio Quirino and Ramon Magsaysay.

“Behind every man’s success is a woman”, he quipped. He credits most of his achievements to his lady luck, the beautiful, intelligent and very supportive wife”

His dream’s realization came in 1977 when he graduated from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a degree in BSC-Accounting and became a CPA thereafter. Reaching a goal serves as spring board for his next assault – a law degree. However, this fell off just two (2) years later opting to work instead (in 1981) as Cost Accountant of a Bahrain-based branch of the world’s second biggest engineering firm, Halliburton Group. Feeling his credentials became inadequate to climb the ladder of success, he went back to school to top up his credentials gaining two more degrees – an MBA in General Management (2007) from AMA International University-Bahrain and a Ph.D. in Business Management (2010) from Philippine Christian University.

He says, “Growing up in the countryside, I had witnessed people’s sufferings. I wanted to distinguished myself from them. On top of these, was my aunt’s constant reminders “not to fail our parents’ dreams on us, which can only be achieved through hard work and determination”. As for a lifetime partner, he jokingly said “look at me, would any sensible and decent lady fall in love with me prima face? That notion gave me another motivation to uplift myself into a degree-holder or professional status, whichever luck takes me. Then start looking for my dream girl – beautiful, intelligent, at least a college graduate and with values, if I can find one.

Quitives2Family. “Behind every man’s success is a woman”, he quipped. He credits most of his achievements to his lady luck, the beautiful, intelligent and very supportive wife Emarilyn (May) Flores-Quitevis.

Mrs. Quitevis, herself, had also been a self- supporting student through most of her scholastic years and an accomplished individual. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Administration and has been employed in several known companies in UAE and in Bahrain. A former photographic model of the Cultural Center of the Philippines under late national artist Raymundo Albano (CCP Art Director) and a cover girl of Banawag and Liwayway magazines during the early 1980’s. She held several posts in Toastmasters, notably as president of two clubs, area governor and divisions’ Excom.

The couple has been blessed with two talented daughters. As proof that ‘the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”, Elaine and Mary Elizabeth are both achievers just like their parents. Elaine graduated as Summa cum Laude (BA in International Studies) from AMA International University of Bahrain. She has trail of achievements in beauty pageants. First, she was crowned as Little Mutya Philippines-Bahrain at a raw age of 4-1/2. Then won the May Queen, in 1999. She’s the first and only Filipina to have won this Indian club’s annual beauty pageant. Finally, as Miss Philippines-Bahrain’s first-runner up in 2010. Other achievements include speech champion in club’s International, Evaluation and Table Topics Contests, 2nd place in division’s Evaluation Contest and 5-time school’s Declamation Champion.

Mary Elizabeth is likewise considered an achiever. An ‘A’ student, she aims to be like her dad someday taking Chartered Accountancy at Ernst & Young. A karate brown belter, talented singer, dancer, elocution champion and the youngest member of AFAEAT Toastmasters Club.

“We dream and work hard to be the best but one can’t have everything; and share blessings to the needy”

When asked on the importance of family, Dr. Quitevis replied “Family is the fountain of life from which every member gets the strength to conquer life’s daily challenges. It’s where children are molded to prepare themselves for life’s eventualities and it’s where values are instilled in their minds as they grow to become worthy citizens of our country. Towards those ends, the family should be protected and given first priority and every member has a role to play for its upkeep”.

Quitives3Faith. His was an orphaned-boy’s dream of a college degree and an ideal family. Dr. Quitevis admits that he’s extremely blessed. God bestowed him not just his childhood dream but much more. Thus, one of the lessons he instills to his children is “to focus on your dreams and appreciate God’s blessings”. “We dream and work hard to be the best but one can’t have everything; and share blessings to the needy”.

Giving Back. Dr. Quitevis has been very active in community service and skill-building programs (especially for OFWs). A dedicated and passionate leader of groups like as PICPA, Filipino Club, Toastmasters International, Order of the Knights of Rizal (OKOR), Lions Club and Philippine Professional Organization–Bahrain (PPOB). This includes as presidents of five clubs, area and division governor of the toastmaster movement; Filipino Club’s Vice-Chairman; OKOR’s Chapter Commander, Lions Club of Bahrain’s Excom and PPOB’s Charter Chairman.

“My involvement in community services and skill- building programs was prompted by my personal core values – sharing my blessings, continuous self-improvement, and service to mankind. From a struggling orphan to a blessed and successful OFW worker, I deemed appropriate to share my blessings.

As PICPA President in 1999, we had 3 major projects – Reintegration Program of OFWs to the Philippine Economy, Scholarship Program for poor but deserving students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and upliftment of the lives of OFWs through free accounting and entrepreneurship seminars. The Scholarship program produced CPAs until it was discontinued. The Reintegration Program was addressed during the Convention by 4 Philippine ambassadors from Middle East countries.

Quitives-1aLed (as Charter Chairman) the formation of the Philippine Professional Organization-Bahrain (PPOB)which has now produced about 40 licensed professionals through the Specialized Professional Licensure Board Examinations (SPLBE). Board exams are held annually in 3 examination centers- UAE, Saudi Arabia & Qatar.

As to future projects, it’s an honor to be part of the core team recently organized by entrepreneur Ms. Rosita Rafalla to create of a 100% Filipino-owned company in Bahrain which will not only help lots of professionals in the real estate industry but also a source of employment of Filipinos in Bahrain and beyond.”

“Dreams can be our realities, it’s us who shape our own future, appreciate, and share our God- given blessings”

Awards & Recognitions. In recognition of his services to fellow OFW’s (in UAE and Bahrain) and uplifting the lives of poor but deserving students (lots became CPAs like himself) gained him the prestigious “Bagong Bayani” Award (New Heroes’ Award), personally awarded by the former President Gloria Arroyo at the Malacanang Palace on June 7, 2001. In addition, he received the following awards and/or recognitions – the Philippine Embassy (Bahrain) as an Outstanding Citizen twice (in 2000 and 2003), PICPA as Outstanding CPA twice (Davao, 1999 and UAE, 2007) and AMA Int’l University as Graduate School’s Top Achiever (2010)
Philosophy. “Quest for the best and touch people’s lives for a better tomorrow.” This is his life’s guiding principle. Two advocacies summed- up his life – personal development and service to mankind.

His personal advice to fellow OFW’s who seek to thrive abroad “Continuous personal and professional developments to be on top of the market competition; broaden your network and associateyourselveswithpeoplewhoshareand/ or help you realize your dreams; and save for the rainy days. At some point, we will return to, or retire in, our homeland – either by force or on own prerogative.”

Dr. Elpidio Quitevis’ difficult journey to success is worth emulating and should serve as inspiration to his fellow OFWs.

Lessons learned from him “dreams can be our realities, it’s us who shape our own future, appreciate, and share our God-given blessings”

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