Aliwan Festival

One of the most well-known and biggest festivals in the Philippines, Aliwan festival is celebrated annually in the month of April, to showcase the diverse culture and traditions of the Filipinos. It is usually held in the wonderful city of Pasay.

Called as the ’Mother of all festivals’, as well as the ‘Fesitival of festivals’, the Aliwan festival, includes various festivities that are brought together to commemorate with the huge occasion. With extensive preparation, the people around the area, as well as the tourists, participate in the performances and competitions organized by the locals.

Aliwan-2cAliwan-2bThe word ’Aliwan’ in its local name means entertainment. It marks the country’s abounding traditions, which makes the Philippine culture vibrant and alive. The event includes different activities, such as beauty pageants, float parades, and street dances. It aims not only for the Filipinos to profoundly understand its culture, but also to people of different countries around the world.

Aliwan-2aIt is the most awaited event wherein the media come together to be able to cover the activities, most particularly the competitions that are with great prizes.

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