An Afternoon with Pupa

Pupa is one of those under the radar brands that deserve more recognition.

The pupa is a life stage of some animals undergoing transformation. Just like a caterpillar entering its chrysalis, metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly; makeup has so many uses. It can enhance, magnetize, or even transform a woman. It can make her feel sophisticated, elegant, and mature. Teens use makeup to look older; more mature women, to look younger.

We spent a lovely afternoon with Nadia Belly, Brand Executive of Pupa Milano Vamp to better understand the makeup process. Pupa is one of the brands in Al Hawaj. It is a complete-care cosmetic brand with a makeup, nail, fragrance, and skincare line. One of the top attractions of Pupa is their packaging, with their beauty kits in inimitably cute pochettes in the shape of bunnies, Russian dolls (which they call Puposka), tiny bears, and snowflakes. Within this cute, little packages you can find an array of color for your eyes and lips. You can keep the big bag of makeup at home because this kit has everything. They also do some innovative work with their nail polish, jumping in on the French manicure classic style with a twist. Their French is colourful! The skincare line focuses on body reshaping and toning with creams and oils for water retention and cellulite. They have treatments for the inner thigh and knee, abdomen, décolleté, inner arm, lips, and cheekbones. From young to old, this is a brand that can be used by the family. There is something for everyone.

During the makeup session, Ms. Nadia and her lovely team taught us tips and tricks. For example, she told us that SPF is very, very essential, as the sun ravages the skin which is the largest organ in the body. SPF 20 is a good starting point, and good news! Most Pupa products have SPF in them. She also told us to have at least 2 brushes in our makeup arsenal, the foundation brush and the bronzing brush. This 2 things would cut our makeup time by at least 15 minutes! She said it is always nice to just brush on the foundation, in nice, little stippling motions as if you’re playing with it, because this would give the most natural effect. The bronzing brush, is useful for contouring the cheeks, and when used to apply bronzer in a downward motion over the cheekbones, will give you (surprise!), instant cheekbones. You have to add a little bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks too for that natural healthy glow. Finally, highlighter added to the tops of the cheeks starting from the temples will give you a very glamorous look. Try using their coral blush, which can blush, bronze, and highlight your complexion in one. You can also use it for eyeshadow. At BD7, this is a steal.

At the end of the makeup session, we were all transformed and were very happy with our experience. We’re definitely going back to Pupa again.

For more information contact

Nadia Belly, Al Hawaj, Manama

Tel: +973 1616 0000

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