Beyond Being The Most-loved Pinay Nanny

A young professional Bahraini whose parents are both locals can speak articulately “Tagalog”. ”Bakit ako ang napili mo na isulat sa Filipino Magazine, hindi naman ako Pinoy?”, said Shaika Dua AlKhalifa, our PR Manager at Royal University for Women was asked to be featured with her beloved Pinay Nanny.

Shaika Dua is a very professional colleague, with a very great work ethics,  sense of hard work, and good sense of humor. I could say these are the traits Filipinos are known for. Working with a Bahraini colleague, is fun and exciting. When we talked, everybody in the university definitely do a second look to us and smile and saying “You speak Filipino!”, to Shaika Dua . They are surprise she talks fluently to me in Tagalog. Can you just imagine how exchanging of smiles can take place in a pressured work place. This sounds cool. Curiously, I asked her how did she be able to learn intensively the Filipino language and that’s the start of her story about Marcia in her life. Because of superb caring and committed nurturing of individual, despite the difference of race, culture and language, Marcia David Canas, worked as “kasambahay” of the family and eventually a nanny of Shaika Dua since toddler till this moment.

I have decided and more excited to feature a remarkable pinay nanny accomplishment in the Kingdom of Bahrain to inspire us as we endeavor to provide our family needs back in our home country. In her own simple way Marcia as dearly called by Shaika Dua and her family had marked a good impression from Bahrainis on how the Filipino values and unique characteristics can strongly influence other nationalities. I am proud to share to the readers about how Filipinos being loved, trusted and consider as part of a Bahraini family. This may not be new to everyone but the gesture is just worth acknowledging.

We have a lot of the same situation, but this time I have personally felt the experience being so proud once again. It is just an inspiring moment to encounter Filipino dialect being spoken and appreciated by foreigners who did not even stayed in our country. Shaika Dua was very lucky as she said, masuwerte ako dahil si Marcia at kanyang mga kapatid ang nag alaga sa akin at sa mga pamilya ko. (I am so lucky because Marcia, her sister and brother took care of me and my family).

Mahal na mahal ko siya, kasi mahal niya ako. (I love her so much because she love me too) Once again one of the many sentences I heard from Shaika Dua. A lot more as she speaks fluently Tagalog and can interact with you even to the most deep language like; Ako na ang bahala, huwag kang magalala. This will turn your back and look again, find who is talking because you will be amaze on how she utters Tagalog words.  It was Marcia who provided the motherly care as a usual Pinay nanny do but her way was a matter of strong emotional attachment and dedicated service. Marcia said it needs a deep sense of commitment to be able to gain trust from her employers, referring to the parents and the family of Shaika Dua. Since 1985 I became her nanny with a routine of doing the chores from morning till evening of care giving on her personal needs, being her companion in going to school from elementary, high school and even in college.

Marcia was express her gratitude to the family Shaika Dua, as she and her family were treated well and given opportunity to see various places in the world. Marcia often accompany her to spend vacation in Switzerland, UK, Japan, US and more places I guess. No amount of words can Marcia express her thanks to her employer. She said that it was a symbiotic relationship and we deeply appreciate their kindness. We were inspired and happy in our work. Our employers feel our needs and they offer help within our necessities. Marcia, would like to extend her words to nannies like her, “Show your love of work, diligence and honesty, then your employer will be happy and will treat you well.”

Few years ahead Marcia’s husband also joined her to work with the family. Most importantly they were able to bring their kids as well. The kids grew with Shika Dua and her family which they treat each other like family. Fun and laughers prevail as they enjoy being kids, enjoying a learning experience that is uncommon to all.  Marcia said, I told my children to mingle with the family with love and respect as how we do the same with our own family.

Shaika Dua and her family experienced fun and pleasure when they have chosen Philippines as one of their vacation destination couple of years ago. Marcia’s sister was also a nanny of Shaika Dua’s sister. What is most exciting was when they go together in the house of Marcia in Laguna. The parents were left at the hotel in Manila while the two daughters went with nannies. Masaya kami kasi nakita ko yong bahay nila Marcia ( I was happy because I saw the house of Marcia and her family) Shaika Dua said with radiant smile.  Here is the great part, Shaika Dua wants her nanny Marcia to be with her until she will have a family in the future. A third generation on Marica’s journey of being a most-loved nanny.

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