Dexter Collo: A Journey to Success

Born and raised in the city of Urdaneta, Pangasinan, Dexter Quilo Collo is the middle child amongst the Collo siblings. Having received in his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, with his concentration in Management, Dexter believes he is able to provide for his family in the Philippines thorough means of his education and hard work.

Dexter began his work experience in Philippines, working as Marketing Assistant in a networking company. During that work experience, Dexter realised that perhaps it is time to look for better work opportunities in order to grow. His belief and determination to look abroad for better job prospects led him to travelling to the Kingdom of Bahrain in December in 2011.

Working as an OFW was not an easy experience Dexter recalls, as first employment term as a Sales Executive in an advertising firm was cut short due to financial issues within the company. As they were unable to provide him with the necessary documents to ensure his stay, Dexter had to leave his job.

Becoming disheartened by his unfortunate situation, Dexter diligently looked for work online, until finally coming across a company looking to hire a Sales Associate. He was the first employee to be hired by the Fakhroo Clothing Company for the brand SWIMS – a galosh shoe company.

Joining the company formally in April 2012, Dexter was initially under a lot of pressure to perform and delivery over and above he had in his other companies, as he was one of the first few employees. Luckily Dexter’s hard work paid of and he was promoted to Brand Manager.

As an employee at SWIMS, Dexter was given the opportunity to not only build himself but also support his family in the Philippines. The one opportunity, Dexter would like is to be able to go back to school again for further education.

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