Filipino Anaesthesiologist in Bahrain: Dr. Cornelio Neil Banez

Born and raised in Bangued, Abra, one of the founding members of the Bahrain Ilocano Group, and a licensed Anaesthesiologist  at American Mission Hospital, Bahrain, Dr. Cornelio Neil Banez serves as inspiration to Filipinos, with his strong sense of discipline in his work, and kind heart to people he is serving.

Dr. Banez took his secondary education at St. Joseph Seminary, which he considered as the place where he was moulded into having a good character and sense of discipline. After those formatory years, he took his degree in Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology, and proceeded on taking his doctorate degree in Medicine at Far Eastern University, Philippines from year 1990 to 1997. After he passed the medical board examination in 1999, he started working as a General Practitioner in various hospitals around Metro Manila to gain experiences in his profession. A year later, he then decided to take a residency training in Anesthesiology at the Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center, which is also commonly known as V. Luna Hospital in Quezon City. It was also in that place where he met his wife, Ma. Fritizie Ileto Banez, who was the 2nd Lieutenant of the Military Nurse Corps. The couple were blessed with four lovely kids.

In the field of Anaesthesiology, the doctor should be composed – most importantly when in a challenging scenario – focused and attentive to details, and have faith to God.

Surrounded with relatives who are working in the field of medicine, Dr. Banez pursued his dream of becoming a doctor. His interest in the field grew as he become more inspired in helping people who are unfortunate, especially when he sees happiness and gratitude on his patients’ faces as they say ‘thank you’ as a result of his labor.

Working as an Anaesthesiologist  for about 13 years, Dr. Banez has been working at Bahrain Specialist Hospital as Specialist Anaesthesiologist  from 2005 to 2012, and later became the Head of the Anaesthesia and Operating Room Department from 2013 to 2015.

“Anaesthesiology is like a combination of all the specialties in Medicine. From paediatrics to geriatrics, anatomy to physiology, cardiology to pulmonology, and pharmacology to surgery. We deal with all kinds of diseases and conditions in all age groups in various situations, during and after the surgeries. When conducting a surgery in the field of Anaesthesiology, the doctor should be composed – most importantly when in a challenging scenario – focused and attentive to details, and have faith to God.”, Dr. Banez expressed. He also mentioned that it took him 13 years to become a fully trained Anaesthesiologist . He needed to first take a four-year pre-med degree and followed by a four-year medical postgraduate degree. After he finished his study, Dr. Banez spent his year reviewing and preparing for medical board examination, and he then later had his formal Anaesthesia residency training for three years, before he decided to take the board certification examination.

Life has its own destiny. No matter what we do, and what we believe, we cannot change it.

Aside from working abroad, Dr. Banez has visited various countries, such as Germany, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Jordan, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Abu Dhabi. He entered politics in 2012 in his hometown as Mayor in Dolores, Abra, Philippines. Although he didn’t win in the election, it served as great accomplishment as he was able to help a lot of people though his privately supported medical mission. He invested hard work, and his hard-earned money on a good cause, in which he gained satisfaction and happiness in return.

Dr. Banez also added, “Anaesthesiology is a tough job. People say it is boring, but in fact it is challenging”. As the Head in the Department of Anaesthesiology, he is proud to say that he is the only Filipino Anaesthesiologist  in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“Life has its own destiny. No matter what we do, and what we believe, we cannot change it.”, he ended.

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