Written by: Yen Anicas (Contributor Writer)

I will tell you of someone– he is called the mirror of the real world.

HE HAS THE BRAIN BUT IS SENSITIVE TO HIS THOUGHTS AND IDEAS. He is someone who brings out all excellence to be all the best that he could be.

HE HAS THE EYES BUT IS SENSITIVE TO WHAT HE MAY SEE, WHAT HE SEES, AND WHAT HE SAW. HE IS SENSITIVE TO SEE THE NEEDS OF HIS LISTENERS AND READERS. He knows that even the most popular, most expensive, and widest lenses of cameras are all senseless if your eyes do not see what is beautiful and what does matter. He sees the subject of lives. He sees deeper pictures in happenings.

HE HAS THE EARS BUT IS SENSITIVE TO WHAT OTHERS MAY SAY. HE IS SENSITIVE TO THAT HE ALSO NEEDS TO LISTEN TO OTHERS’ OPINIONS AND SUGGESTIONS, TO THAT HE MUST HEAR VOICES OF OTHERS TOO. He values appreciations and accepts corrections. He hears joys and pains. He listens to the laughter and the sorrows of humanity.

HE HAS THE MOUTH BUT IS SENSITIVE TO WHAT COMES OUT OF IT. HE IS SENSITIVE TO THE FACT THAT WORDS ARE LIKE SWORDS– THEY PIERCE AND KILL. He knows for a fact that what is said has already been said and that the words you utter will mark upon minds. He speaks words of wisdom. He speaks the truth.

HE HAS THE HEART BUT IS SENSITIVE TO HIS EMOTIONS. HE IS SENSITIVE THAT HIS FEELINGS MAY REFLECT UPON HIS LABORS. He fully gives his heart to mission no matter what the cost may be. He guards his heart for the sake of his life. He sets aside fears, controls anger, and forgets worries that he may do his job well done.

A pen and a paper are his weapons. His thoughts and ideas are his bullets. He is a soldier who struggles for his life but fights for humankind. And his name is widely known to be THE JOURNALIST.

Editor’s Note: Yen Anicas is a student journalist of The Manila Times College and a writer for the school’s online publication, The Muralla. To see more of her and the student’s work visit: www.themuralla.com.

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