Healing body, mind and spirit!

KEEP CALM AND GET A MASSAGE: is everybody’s tagline when they get a very long day at work.

One of the leading spas in the Kingdom of Bahrain is adding more treatments to its extensive list and aims to leave customers feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Shereen Hasan, the Managing Director of Sherry Spa said that starting with detoxification programmes, the company aim to help heal customers inside and out.

“We always have a positive outlook because, in our opinion, health is of utmost concern and we want to make sure that our customers live a healthy lives,” Shereen told the Filipino life.

Sherry spa is a one-stop-shop beauty centre and wellness, however, this 2015, the beauty centre and spa will soon be a holistic and healing therapy centre including a range of treatments for both the body and mind.

The spa offers the Asian methods of therapy and is using an herbal and organic treatments for their patients. During the year, the spa opened two new branches along Juffair and an outlet for herbal on organic tea.

Shereen is the lone Bahraini entrepreneur to manage a spa and being hands-on is an essential part of the company’s success.

“I studied the massage techniques to become the first Bahraini in Bahrain and the GCC region who has learned this technique and I assure the quality of my services by training the staff by myself,” she said.

Shereen went to Thailand to train and be more educated in different types of massages. With her background of being a self-taught therapist, Shereen plans to expand her company by starting up a training institute in Bahrain and that it will be the first in the GCC. “I wanted to share my knowledge to those who are aspiring to be a therapist and to those who are a kneading enthusiasts,” she said.

Aside of the institute, Shereen plans to open more branches along the GCC which she is now starting in Dubai. And to create more public awareness to the benefits of natural therapies, she opened the Ayurveda section which is the other challenges she wants to venture this year.

“We want to raise public awareness of natural therapies and, as such, we are planning to expand on Ayurveda, a form of Indian alternative medicine,” she said. Expertise says that Ayurveda can treat acute and chronic diseases and the massotherapies’ can provide staggering results.

In terms of growth, the spa sees the health and wellness segment expanding exponentially and the proposed of holistic and healing therapy centre is just on the tip of the iceberg.

Giving advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs, Shereen said that following your passion is the key to be successful in your goal and that being confident with your talent will lead you to the top.

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