Hobbyist to Professional Photographer

Photography comes down to one word: vision. It is never about the gear. It is about seeing something, knowing how you want it to look, and making it your masterpiece.

And that is how a renowned photographer, Glenn Wesley Dulay earned his outstanding creations.

Glenn is known in the Kingdom of Bahrain for his compelling photos. Born in the Philippines’ surfing capital La Union, Glenn has joined and won several competitions in different countries and was recognized as one of the best photographers in the Kingdom.

But everything he has now is not overnight.

Glenn, an information technology graduate, was a junior account executive for Goodyear Philippines before he considered migrating to the Kingdom in 2004. A year later, he brought his wife, Mrs. Avegail Dulay, along with their three precious kids.

Glenn, who now works as a workshop supervisor in an interior company, said that being a photographer was never in his plans—he never had a formal photography education. But his life changed when his father gave him a film camera, a popular gadget before the digital era, as a present when he graduated from high school.

Interested to learn how to take photographs, Glenn went with his photographer friend in one of his photo shoots and later asked him to join their group because of his potentials.

In 2009, Glenn bought his first set of DSLR and even though he lack high-end gears needed to shoot, he was still able to cover small events and occasions. These small-time events, in turn, paved way for more opportunities.

“It was very challenging for me [to be competitive] especially that I am still new in the market but because of my eagerness to be known in the business, I have to do so,” he told the Filipino Life.

To be well-known in an industry, one needs to be honed and trained for a better feature of the outcome—but for Glenn, he invests his time in reading and he starts educating himself more about photography.

In addition, he joins various Filipino photographer groups and associations in Bahrain such as Gulf Photographers Network (G.P.N.) and Middle East Shutter Squad (M.E.S.S) to further nurture his skills in photography as well as to expand his network in the industry.

While taking his vacation in the Philippines, he realized his penchant for landscapes and portraits. He further improved his skills in taking such photos and acquired not just the gears but also the abilities to get the perfect shot.

Confident enough of his works, Glenn then tried his luck and joined the competition titled “New Bahrain” by the Fact Magazine in 2010 and eventually won 1st place in landscape photography category.

His win inspired him to do more. Glenn continued to join different competitions in the Kingdom such as the Panasonic Middle East, Batelco Photo Contest and Best in Bahrain year 2012.

He also participated in various exhibits such in Al Ali Festival and even contributed in international media outlets such as Vogue and Getty Images.

But Glenn believes his journey to become well-known in the international scene has just started.

With all the recognition he is getting, Glenn admitted that he appreciates the fact of recommending him as one of the best photographers in the market because it only means that “I really exist [in my field],” he said.

Having your own portfolio is a big advantage too, Glenn said. It is not just a remembrance but also a compilation of your body of work.

“Keep all your photos because pictures has a message too—and that can be your subject when that day comes,” he said.

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