Johnbert Dacanay

In Focus Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“Stay different, Learn the basics then be you, be you!.”

Remember, Have fun! – JDash

Working as an IT/Desktop Support professionally for the past seven years in Saudi Arabia, Johnbert Dacanay is also a photography enthusiast. He has kept an open mind when it comes to photography, especially fashion and portrait. He says he looks at photography as an art, a masterpiece and even enjoys playing with lights as a way to challenge himself. For Dacanay these challenges are not only fun but an effective way of learning. “If you stop learning, you stop dreaming, when you stop dreaming, you stop life” he said quoting one of his favourite saying, adding that learning with photography is a never ending process and you learn new things each and every day. Apart from photography, Dacanay is also interested in music production, skateboarding and basketball.

Fashion photography should convey an essence of authority, so your direction of the model(s) needs to be confident and self-assured.

Props are fantastic for telling a narrative within a fashion shot. Influence the image by moving around the scene and exploring which angles work best.

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