LBC reaches out to Pinoys abroad

Express courier services makes it easier for OFWs to connect to family

The efforts of overseas Filipino workers (OFW) who have chosen to stake their claim abroad have resulted to an all-time high for remittances. In 2014 alone, OFWs in KSA sent a total of $2.53 billion, or P111 billion, increasing by 20% compared last year.

However, this comes at the price of being away from their loved ones in the Philippines. As of 2012, there are more than 1.2 million OFWs who are working at Saudi Arabia in order to provide for their families, even if it means back-breaking labor and being thousands of miles apart. Sadly, the risks come second to the prospect of providing a brighter future for their families..

The rise of technology has bridged the miles between OFWs and their families. Social media tools have made it possible for them to chat, talk, and see each other as often as they’d like, which eases the OFW’s homesickness. But sometimes, virtual reality is not enough to send the love back home.

Cargo company LBC Express serves as the link between Pinoys abroad and their families. Through fast and reliable express courier and money remittance services, in partnership with Transfast, Filipinos have access to branches in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Khobar and Jubail. Today, it offers the widest coverage and network in the Philippines.

“One of our targets at LBC is to bring OFWs closer to their families back home,” said Javier C. Mantecon, Chief Marketing Officer of LBC. “OFWs have become our modern-day heroes, and we understand the reasons behind every padala. It’s to make those they leave behind happy. We would like to honor that by making sure they stay connected, wherever they are. We are a part of their lives.”

LBC connects the Philippines’ modern hero by providing many avenues to their family needs.

“We’re there during the OFW family’s most important moments,” shared Mantecon. “We’re there to deliver money for graduation, groceries, or emergencies. We’re also there when they just want to say ‘I love you’ through little gifts.”

LBC offers an extensive lineup of services that suits every OFW’s needs. The cargo service can ship cargo using air cargo and sea cargo while courier service for their document sending needs. LBC Money remittance, which is available at all Transfast Exchange Partners like Tahweel Al Rahji, also has several options for money services that make it more convenient for families in the Philippines: door-to-door delivery, remit to account, and instant branch pick-up. LBC Money remittance is

All of LBC’s services are designed to address the OFW’s biggest need: to connect with their family. By using a fast, reliable, and accessible system, those living abroad can be sure their loved ones get their packages on time.

The services are available with LBC’s Plus Card, an upcoming loyalty and reward program where customers can enjoy offers, discounts, and other promos. It also works as a customer card, where the customer’s information is stored for future transactions.

“Working abroad is probably the bravest thing anyone can do,” Mantecon said. “To risk being apart from their loved ones for years takes great courage. Beyond moving packages and parcel, what we really move is lives.”

For more information on LBC, please visit http://; or call the following hotlines: 800-8-110332 (STC Mobile and Landline), 800-8-500058 (Mobily, Friendi and Zain).

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