Maria Manuel An Inspiring Story of Resilience

She walks with a confident air. Her smile kind and welcoming. A lady through and through. Maria Cañosa Manuel is the picture of grace and poised. But unknown to those who see her from afar, her life was neither glamorous nor easy. Her story was full of trials and heartache. How she stood up amidst life’s difficulties is an inspiration and a story of success.

Even as a young child, Maria is not a stranger to hardship. Her parents were not able to afford to send her to school. And so to finance her studies, she was worked as a housemaid while finishing her vocational course in Samson Technical Institute.

When she graduated from her course, she was hired to work in Tita Beauty Salon located in Pasay City. For two years, she toiled to finance her family’s need. Unfortunately, her income was not enough and more sacrifice was needed from her. She then had to say good bye to all that she loves and leave the Philippines to work abroad. Her first employer, Lady Salon Al-Baha, was located in Doha, Qatar. Although her employer was good, she did not renew her contract because of her hopes to migrate to Australia which regrettably did not push through. Her next employer, Noran LadiesSalon,waslocatedinAlKhobar,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When it was time to renew her contract, she turned it down and went home to the Philippines to begin a new life as a married woman.

She married Abelardo Franco Manuel and their marriage was blessed with 2 daughters and a son. And for a while life was simple and blissful. But soon, her husband’s income became insufficient with the needs of their growing family.

Never give up, just do the right thing and have strong faith in God. Nothing is impossible as long as you work hard, with patience and determination”

When her eldest was just 6 years old, she left the Philippines to work abroad a second time. She was employed by Haifa Ladies Salon in Al Khobar, KSA. Although missing her family, she focused her strength on her work to be able to provide for their future.

However, like many long distance relationship, their marriage suffered. Her husband succumbed to temptations and words reached her that her husband left with another woman. The heart break left her numbed, but also pushed her to be a stronger person and strive harder for her children.

For eleven years she worked providing home service throughout Al Khobar, her faith in God and her love for her children her only consolation. Eventually her determination and hard work paid off. In 2013, she proudly opened her own salon, Naumaty Women Player, a salon catering to women in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her eldest, Abigail Marie graduated with a bachelor degree in Accountancy. Her middle child, Angelica Marie, is a Dean’s lister and is now in her last semester as a student of Financial &

Investment Management. While her youngest, Abel Ryan, is now in third year high school.

Maria leaves her message to those who are experiencing the trials that she went through “Never give up, just do the right thing and have strong faith in God. Nothing is impossible as long as you work hard, with patience and determination”.

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