Mr. Drummer Boy and His Passion for Music

Known for his passion for drumming and music Ryan Advincula was born on January 1st, 1979 in Cavite City Philippines.

Shortly, after his 3rd birthday, Ryan’s  Parents; Father, Renato Rene V. Advincula and Mother Solina Penaflor Advincula brought Ryan and his sisters Marian, Faith and Monick to Bahrain in 1982. Ryan’s mother holds a Bachelor of Science and conservatory in music degree at Saint Joseph College

Early Years

Ryan recalls those days during his kindergarten years at Music Institute where his parents worked (Mother, School Teacher and Father General Manager). Our flat was just above the school; it was a nursery during the day and a music school in the evening. I would join other kids and made lot of friends, I was so fluent in Arabic back then as most of my friends where Arabic speaking. One of the best memories I had was when we first sang the Bahrain National Anthem, initially there were no lyrics and eventually the lyrics were composed. I remember singing this with the other children at Bahrain T.V. even the time when Ifta Ya Sim, Sim came over and filmed us, during those days, Ifta Ya Sim Sim, was an Arabic version of Sesame Street!

Drumming Passion

As much as I wanted to follow my mother’s footstep in playing the Piano, we never got on the same road, however as they say, music runs in the family, yes I never thought my passion in drumming would grow.

It all started when my friends wanted to form a band and unfortunately had no location to jam. That’s where I offered my room and to be the lead singer, however I ended up being “The Drummer” instead because no one else could play the drums.

After learning a few beats, I was encouraged to jam at the Filipino Club.   Back then the Filipino Club was the only social outlet among the Filipino Communities showcasing charity concerts with local talented musicians, singing competitions, kababayan nights, basketball and even handling domestic and passport renewals in coordination with the Philippine embassy in Saudi Arabia. My father was the Vice President of the Executive Committee at that time and this encouraged me more to support all the music activities at the Filipino Club.

Later on, my skills in drumming grew more when I joined my mom at their 7:00pm choir at The Sacred Heart Church, I was so proud when I was one of the few drummers selected to first play in church at mass.  It was a fusionist experiment initiated by the Parish Priest in launching the Youth choir.

I still play at Church every Friday at the El Shaddai Tagalag Group, and occasionally with my fellow musicians in Bahrain, including my sister Michelle and Faith.

Education and Career Life

From my Junior Years to High School at Sacred Heart where my mom was also the music teacher, living in Bahrain and seeing my parents and fellow kabayans way of life was a great influence into achieving to what I am.

Having said this, ideally my parents brought us up independently, my mom and dad would be working day and night leaving my sisters and me to make sure our home works, house chores and even the laundry was done. You can say I was fortunate to be only boy and pampered by 3 sisters!

This gave me options to explore my career, after finishing at Sacred Heart; I was given an opportunity to work at A.S.U Base Billeting known for “Combined Billeting Quarters” U.S Base.

Having spent 2 years there, I was exploring my technicalities and that’s where I got influenced in the growing computer technology.  I enrolled myself at NIIT for a course in Network Centric Computing where they have introduced us to all the peripherals such as Networking, Database programming and Web Designing. I eventually got hooked in graphics and that’s where I went further by jumping jobs in the computer and graphics industry.

Later on I wanted to grow both in skills, and to a bigger and stable industry, that’s where I had the opportunity to join the Bahrain Specialist Hospital.  I started there in the maintenance department as a building maintenance systems operator; I was also in-hand with developing some minor graphics for their collaterals and the biggest break I got was when my department head asked me to do a presentation for the opening.  I was then moved to the I.T department and later the same year was moved to The Marketing Department.

Hotel Years and Now

There was a vacancy at The Diplomat Radisson Blu (Formely SAS) for the post of Graphic Artist, it was there I was given the job and was given another position as P.R Coordinator.

I took the position to experience and learn a lot both in P.R, Branding and combining all the advertising conceptions and presentations. The biggest achievement I had was being part of opening the The Diplomat Spa and Residence. After that I moved to InterContinental Regency and worked there for 1 and a half years, moving back to The Diplomat Radisson Blu. After 1 year, an opportunity came in from Elite Hospitality Group as the Group Marketing and Communications Manager and now The Gulf Hotel Bahrain as The Marketing and Communications Manager.

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