Oman’s Young DJ/Broadcaster

She always loved music.  When she was young, she loved listening to music. She likes to join competitions on extemporaneous speaking contest and orations. 

Born to a pastor father, Sweetsell Navarro, hails from Dasmarinas, Cavite.  At present, she is working as a Radio Presenter in the Sultanate of Oman.

A graduate of Philippine Women University (PWU) with the degree in Bachelor of Arts major in Communication Arts, Broadcasting, Public Relation and Advertising, Sweetsell heeded the advice of her family to work abroad after graduation from college.  She’s been in Oman for three years.

A radio DJ is the one in-charge of introducing and playing the music that is broadcasted on radios. Being in this profession, she chooses which music to play during broadcast or airing and provide details about each song.  Aside from considering the target audience when selecting the tracks to be played, there is always a set of list given to them by the company station. According to Sweetsell, ‘you have to be knowledgeable or aware on what is happening around you.”. In some radio stations, the DJ reads traffic reports.

According to Sweetsell, the essential skills on being a DJ is not learned overnight. It  takes extreme hard  work to do the job, and perseverance alone does not make a DJ.

“Time management is important., You should manage your time accordingly as well as set borders and margin between your social life and work”, Sweetsell further said. “Make sure that you’re keeping things fresh in any way you can”.

Sweetsell noted that in this kind of profession, “respect in one’s culture and religion is vital as we human beings all have our own set of values and beliefs. “While DJ work has established itself as a creative cultural force and a viable career path, at the end of the day you have to prove yourself by doing your  best.” Sweetsell continued.

“And what is the rewarding thing about this job is when you received appreciation from friends and people around you. It is really rewarding when listeners call and say that they enjoyed the show, that they were delighted with the music you played, it makes you feel that happiness is just right under your nose everyday”.

“Sometimes, little things give us more happiness. The simple appreciations make us realize that we can still be happy about little things in life despite things that hasn’t been going well.

Asked what her plans for the future are, Sweetsell said that she hopes to record on a TV show and she’s taking this as a big challenge.  She also wants to pursue a law course. She believes that her exposure in her present career is a plus factor in dealing with people..

As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), Sweetsell strives to inspire people, to make positive changes in their life and in their communities.  She shared that desire, dedication, and determination are the 3 Ds in her life that brings her success and achievements.

“As long as you believe in what you are doing and it comes from the heart, you should’t let people tell you it cannot be done, anything is possible if we just believe”, were the words she wants to share to fellow OFWs who are aspiring to be successful too.

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