Pinay, Ikaw Na!

PINAY IKAW NA! (PIN) is a non-profit organization representing Filipino women in Bahrain. It advocates mainly the welfare and rights of Filipinas working in Bahrain. It is an organization consists solely of Filipino women and is duly recognized by the Philippine Embassy of Bahrain. Members often donate their time and talents for community service projects.Pinay-1e

PINAY IKAW NA! (PIN) has a humble beginning – it was a chance of meeting PINAYS, group of Filipino Women wanting to organise and provide an event to fellow Filipinas.  One year on it evolved to something great, which achieved immeasurable achievement empowering Filipino women in Bahrain through camaraderie, altruism and generosity and amongst other stuff.  All there attributed to the governing body that worked establishing the group, and aptly called it PINAY IKAW NA! (PIN, for short).

As the name depicts, we were organized for the main purpose of helping our fellow Filipinas living in Bahrain and we worked through CHARITY. The group is comprised of strong-willed and successful Filipinas (in our own right) who desire to give back to the community for we feel we were truly blessed and now in a position to help or give assistance.

The birth of Rewind Dance Party in July 31st was brainchild of PINAY IKAW NA! and FCTB Filipino Club Tenpin Bowlers (FCTB) . These two groups came up with an idea to organise an event whereby all the proceeds was donated to a sole beneficiary to augment the medical treatment. The sole beneficiary was Miss Cynthia Holgado Tala, a member of FCTB.

In progression, PINAY IKAW NA organized an event to commemorate the w104th International Women’s Day.  PINAY, IKAW NA! (PIN) Make It Happen. Was held last  20th March 2015 at Baan Saeng Thai Banquet Hall in conjuction of Philippine Embassy. It feautured a lots of special activities  attended by Philippine Embassy officials  where they also conducted Absentee Voters registration,  The event actitivities includes Bazaar, Zumba session, free Medical, dental services and Vision Test, free  make up and hair cutting, body massage, Boodle fight, Raffle draw  and enterainment intermission (Belly dancing and Song intermission)  from fellow Filipinas.  Two well know Female doctor speakers were invited and gave presentation about Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention of Cervical Cancer.

PINAY Ikaw Na and PINOY Festival Committee made an ocular inspection at LPOD, the venue for the upcoming event with regards to the celebration of Philippine Independence Day on June 12 2015. The event dubbed PINOY Festival will showcase traditional Filipino songs, dances and games with 2 A-list Filipino artistes to perform, especially flown in from Philippines, Miss Angeline Quinto and Mr. Daniel Matsunaga. Seen here are PINAY’s officers and members headed by PINAY President, Ms. Anette Avila (far left) and V-Pres, Ms. Edz Bondoc (middle).

In June 12 of this year, PINAY, IKAW NA joined forces with Lost Paradise of Dilmun (LPOD) to bring about fun activities showcasing Filipino culture and tradition. The event is dubbed PINOY Festival and celebration of Philippines Independence Day.  On this event PINAY, IKAW NA rendered its service through organizing the program-in-charge with the traditional Filipino games and special dance show case aside from the main attraction of performances  by 2 A-listers entertainers especially flown in from Philippines, Miss Angeline Quinto and Mr. Daniel Matsunaga. The event turn out with huge successes  attended with a crowd of less than 4000 people.

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