Rodrigo Acosta Providing Tools to Success

It is a competitive world indeed, but one where Mr. Rodrigo Acosta was successfully able to embed his name on. Not just through his personal and career achievements but especially through his service to his fellow ‘kababayans’ and the Filipino children in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Mr. “Rod” Rodrigo Acosta is one of the 27 Philippine School Association Members who made selfless efforts in establishing the Philippine School Bahrain. They are those who have been instruments in imparting Philippine education system to the Filipino children in Bahrain. He has served as the Chairman –Board of Trustees from the time of its establishment in 1994 up to the present.

Mr. Acosta was born in Naguilian, La Union. He and only sibling Guadalupe were raised in La Union and in Bagiuo City. When asks if he had always been an early achiever, he admits that his younger years border on the ordinary. “I would not consider myself as an achiever. I endeavor to make the best decisions at all times, put my best efforts on the task in hand and strive to deliver quality output,” he humbly adds. He completed B.S. in Civil Engineering from Mapua Institute of Technology in 1962 and placed 7th in the Board Examinations for Civil Engineers in the same year. To work as an Overseas Filipino Worker was not in his plans. “I would say it was an opportunity which I took and it afforded me the chance to practice my profession and gain experience.” He had been working in Bahrain from 1977 up to the present. Prior to this, he also worked in Singapore for several years.

Mr. Acosta is married to Mrs. Encarnacion Hufana Acosta, who is a Dentist. They have two sons, Mark and Walter. “Through the years, my family was with me. My wife was gainfully employed as a Dentist here in Bahrain and our children did their studies in good schools and on the whole the family was reasonably happy with the scheme of things. I enjoy my work and I get the satisfaction in doing community work. In a way, these give me the motivation and impetus to continue being an OFW.”

To me, education ranks on the top tier of the list of “must have’ in this competitive world.”

Thanks to the ‘community work’ rendered by
Mr. Acosta and the rest of the Filipino men and women, the Philippine School Bahrain resolved the difficulty that many Filipino children in Bahrain faced for many years. “They have faced difficulties finding placements in affordable schools due to shortage of seats. On the other hand, children who succeeded in enrolling in Bahrain Schools found themselves handicapped in subjects like Filipino, Social Studies and Philippine History when they eventually joined the Philippine education mainstream. Some even ended up missing school altogether.”

The Philippine School Bahrain has come a long way from the time it opened its doors to its first students in 1995. The school modestly opened 
in a 3-building site in Kanoo Gardens but now occupies a more spacious campus at A’Ali and is gradually expanding. Mr. Rod Acosta shares with FLM their future plans for the school.

  • Implement the K to 12 Philippine curriculum
  • Obtain accreditation with PAASCU
  • Implement comprehensive computerization 
through the procurement of a proprietary management information system
  • Further improve the School Library, Chemistry Laboratory, Biology/ Physics Laboratory and Computer Laboratories
  • Provide required additional infrastructure and facilities to enable the implementation of academic programs and initiatives
  • Progressive implementation of the overall PSB Master Plan. Planned facilities include; Multi-purpose Hall, Stand-alone Canteen, Hostel, etc.
  • Empower PSB Faculty to come up with initiatives towards the enhancement of the delivery of the best education to students
  • Motivate teachers and afford them opportunities for self-improvement through attendance in seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Institute Facilities Management System to ensure proper operation and maintenance of facilities and assets.

As a young educational institution, PSB is not exempt from challenges. However, as Mr. Acosta suitably put, “PSB is continuously evolving to keep abreast with the advancements in the educational field. It aims to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. Requisite consultations with stakeholders in respect of substantive issues are undertaken; following with decision- making process ensues, which involves situation analysis, problem analysis, decision analysis and risk analysis.”

PSB plays a vital role in shaping and educating young Filipinos in Bahrain. Thus, Mr. Acosta emphasizes that “PSB is focused in achieving its Vision, Mission and Goals as stipulated in its Constitution. To achieve these, PSB sets strategic objectives for set time horizon, develop initiatives and measures, and implement Balance Score Card. Our main stakeholders are the students and the parents. The students deserve the best education; PSB strives to be a worthy partner towards fulfillment of their hopes and aspirations. PSB’s Board, its faculty and staff are dedicated and they take their responsibilities seriously and exert all efforts to fulfill them.”

in his professional career as a Project Manager, Mr. Rod Acosta has held senior positions at the Ministry of Works in the Kingdom of Bahrain from 1977 up until now. He has successfully managed a number of large strategic projects in the Kingdom.

How does one like Mr. Acosta is able to manage his time? He simply states, “I am employee and as such as I perform my work to the best of my ability and to the complete satisfaction of my employer. My involvement in the PSB is community work carried out during my spare time and is absolutely gratis. Indeed, giving service to the community gives me the feeling of fulfillment and joy. I use time management to be effective and deliver timely and quality output. “

Work hard and live a clean life”- is his piece of advice to fellow OFW’s who are seeking to find their niche abroad.

“Establish priorities, namely; God, family, work and community.”

Mr. Acosta received the Banaag Award from President Joseph Estrada on December 1998 at the Malacanang Palace. This award was conferred for his exemplary service in promoting interests of the Filipino Community in Bahrain, particularly in the establishment of the Philippine School (Bahrain) in 1994.

He loves to spend quality time with his family. Now that they are back in the Philippines, his weekends are spent mainly on community work. Mr. Acosta is also involved in various church organizations and activities. He occasionally goes to malls to enjoy a cup of his favorite cappuccino. With all other senior titles accompanying his name, Mr. Rodrigo Acosta does not want to be remembered as a Project Manager, Chairman or Leader but simply as Rod Acosta – the worker.

After all the long years of building his career and of giving back to his fellowmen, Mr. Rod Acosta is eventually eyeing a happy retirement. He would leave a legacy that is not just the mere print of his name on one of the Philippine School buildingsbut rather the invaluable gift of education to the Filipino children of Philippine School Bahrain.

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