The Mullings of a Hollowback, Dreary-thumbed, Supposed-to-be Writer

By: Anna Galathea

What do would-be-writers have in common? I don’t have a sure answer myself. All I know is that aspiring writers need words, and lots of them.

It takes more than words – there are fancy words, educated words, playful words, inspiring words, debilitating words, and such. Writing, in my opinion, is putting words together to create an act. Words joined together supposedly in flourish, to make a veritable story or expression or just a message trying to get across. That is how I define writing. You need a tool and an object. Your object is your idea or subject, your tool is your words. When you put them together, they’re supposed to create a story or a message, or simply an expression. A writer is supposed to put his heart and mind to it. He needs to get his ideas across through a clever configuration of words and ideas.

Now, as a would-be writer what do I want in life? I break my head thinking of a nice, nerve-racking, heart-throbbing plot. If I take the steps of the likes of Danielle Steel, Sidney Sheldon, or the Young Adults novel writers like J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown, Sophie Kinsella, Stephanie Meyer, Mitch Albom, I could be a multi-million bestseller author. What should I use for my plot? Wizards? Vampires? Zombies? Clowns?

How about a life story of The Hidden Genius of a Lopsided Clown? Or perhaps make a subject of A True Story of the Most Amazing Glass Cleaner Does that make sense? I can’t even think of a colorful character, much more a sensible plot! Do I stand a chance of being a fiction writer? Maybe autobiography will work for me – all these questions spring to mind before starting a piece.

I dream to become a great writer. Someone who doesn’t just write and earn millions from it; but someone who has something good to say the world is keening to listen to. To be a great writer is to be a servant of God, who stands as your great Judge. You are responsible for all you write about and He alone must be pleased above all. He is the great censor.

If you want be a good writer, be responsible. Your words and thoughts must coordinate astutely to produce a well-meaning copy readers can get something good from. It’s not enough to bring them to the edge of their seat. You have to make them draw from your well, sensible ideas and crystal-clear, pure undiluted values. To put it simply, write something good, where readers can derive valuable lessons. Write something that will bring something good out of their lives. Write something sensible and noble, and the next big thing will come.

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