By Tet Quimpo

People have different preferences, particularly when it comes to making major decisions in life which may affect a significant part of their future.

One of the most difficult decisions to make is choosing where to invest for education. Education has a vital role in the course of people’s lives, which sometimes determines your future; whether it makes or breaks you, depending on what you decide on.

There is great comfort in studying in your hometown, especially when you go to the same school with the people you might have grown up with, but it takes a whole new level of courage and risk to start anew, away from your comfort zone. However, some may also find that there are perks in studying in a foreign place, away from familiar faces and places.

The scope of education that is offered abroad is diverse, and the chance of getting into the field that you aspire is higher when you consider vast options. It is one of the reasons why people choose to study abroad rather than stay in the same place they’ve been exposed to. It has been the focal point of people traveling to acquire quality education, and institution that best suits their interest. Apart from good education, your communication skills will be polished, and you might be able to submerse yourself in learning different languages. This way, you can practice your communication skills opportunely. Some universities offer language courses with a more formal approach, as well as experience new academic culture. There are abundant career opportunities that you can get, especially when it’s in the same country you studied in. You’ll be able to acquire a new perspective on cultures and traditions of various countries, and may expand your understanding on different matters and your enthusiasm to gain more knowledge. People who study abroad have a higher chance of getting accepted in a graduate school for the reason that they are accustomed to the varied cultures, and are able to take on challenges, as well as handle themselves in challenging situations.

Due to acquired diversity and flexibility in their character, they could impart unique and creative ideas to the school, and create a more susceptible environment to other students.

Aside from academic opportunities, traveling to other countries gives you a lot of options and allows you to explore interests. You might also uncover a talent you’ve never discovered before whilst staying in the same place you grew up in. Diverse cultures have different forms of entertainment, thus exposing one to how people from other countries spend their leisure time, various sports, arts and other recreations. Along with new interests comes meeting new friends, each with unique beliefs and traditions, who help liberate you mentally into accepting and understanding things that go beyond your comfort and familiarity. You’ll also get to encounter people who are going to be part of your life in the long run, create relationships and build strong bonds with them. The beauty of this experience though is possibly realising that the friends you leave in your hometown are the ones you can cherish and treasure for the rest of your life, because the people who put so much effort to stay in touch despite the distance, could be worth considering friends for life.

Being away from the place you spent your whole life in is overwhelming, and it takes so much risk to step out into the big world and open yourself to new things. Starting from scratch will take so much hard work, especially when you need to do so independently, as the process might put you in a perplexing situation but will surely enhance your ability to push yourself into being the best version of yourself. It’s a give and take course that you impart the uncommon qualities that you’ve gotten from the environment you are adapted to, while you acquire the traits of the people you meet which become beneficial to your personal growth. People who explore outside of their comfort zone become more aware of their surroundings and inevitably develop the ability to become more socially responsible of their actions.

Seeing the world in a whole new angle will help you, not only in becoming a better individual, but makes you more empathetic towards the diversity that surrounds you. You’ll also get an opportunity to look at the various wonders of the world and what they offer. When you go back to your country, you’ll be able to bring with you the experiences and the lessons that you gained, and carry the eclectic culture, traditions, and beliefs of different people you encountered in the places you have gone to.

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