The Silog Experience

I still remember the smell of breakfast during my childhood. The aroma of toasted garlic waking up my senses. It is the typical Filipino breakfast. A plate full of sundried, cured beef with garlic fried rice paired with fresh sunny-side up eggs: the famous Tapsilog.

Food is served. The sunny-side up egg smiles at me as it sits on a throne of garlic fried rice – the garlic has been cooked to a crisp You then slice on the beef (using your spoon of-course, that’s the Filipino way) and dip it into the finely aged Ilocos vinegar that shines on the side of your plate. You assemble all the pieces on a spoon, and as you chew, you get to experience a piece of heaven.

Tapsilog and its few other variations such as longsilog, daingsilog, hotsilig, tosilog are influence of Spanish colonization. For example, Tapa sprouted from the famous Spanish appetizer “tapas” – originally served with meat chunks. Thus, each bite of tapsilog is a sort or remembrance to our rich history.

Here are some of the other reasons why Silog is the best breakfast ever:


One of many reasons why silog dishes are famous is its energizing effect. It is ideal for a morning meal because of the salt present on each ingredient as it energizes you. It will wake you up and give you energy to help you start the day. Besides, it has all the nutrients you need to be invigorated.

Easy to prepare

Silog can be prepared by anybody. On a busy day, it can just be the fried rice and any fish or egg to your liking. The process is fairly simple: fry the egg, fry the protein, and then the rice (don’t forget to remove the excess oil).

Reduces Waste

Some people love cooking silog because they can incorporate leftover food into a new and tasteful dish, thus not wasting food. In times of food shortages, Filipinos, think of ways on how to survive without spending too much money and Silog is always the best way to do that.

Silog is the product of Filipino’s ingenuity and resourcefulness. It has grown to be a household name and is here to stay. It will always be a part of every Filipino table and it tells who we are: inventive, creative, hard-working, loving and resilient.

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