The Underlying Values of Humanity

Sanchez is known to be a silent contributor of goodwill who have supported various programs and campaigns in Kuwait and in the Philippines.

Sanchez is an Infection Control and Health, Safety and Environment (IC & HSE) Senior Nurse for Kuwait Oil Company and for his 16 years of hard-work and dedication, he was awarded the Long Service Award in 2009 and in 2014.

The kindhearted young man is likely to exercise goodwill in his life in helping a fellow OFW who’s in the verge of losing everything in Dubai especially her valuable job because of her legal battle.

In November 2011, Sanchez received a call from his female batch mate in college who is a nurse in Dubai, expressing that she is held in Dubai jail.  She was detained in prison for the case filed against her and was pleading for his help.

Despite of not having enough money to fund her, he never made that as an excuse to ignore her; rather he finds a way on how he could extend his help from his former batch mate.

Sanchez initiated and launched a three-day campaign in Facebook and urge his batch mates across the globe to help raise the amount needed for their batch mate release from jail.

“The response I received from my fellow batch mates was overwhelming that we were able to raise the amount she needed in just three days,” Sanchez told the Filipino Life.

With the campaign he made and with the initiative to express his kindness for others, the Filipina nurse got her freedom back and avoided getting terminated from her work and is now working freely in Dubai.

Because of his good deeds, Vincent’s journey of being a contributor of goodwill does not stop there. He still continuously supports numerous charity programs in Kuwait and in the Philippines.

Since 2007, he supports the K12 Youth Organization in the Philippines with their continuous and various activities such as Medical Missions, Outreach Programs and Tree Planting projects.

He had also sponsored three students of the Tuloy-Aral program by Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

For Sanchez, his mother, Mrs. Leticia Mangalino Bustamante-Sanchez instilled the virtue of charity in him from his early childhood.

“My mother played a very big role in my life that have made me who I am right now,” he shared.

“This is what my Mom have taught us and it became an inherent part of our beings as we grow older,” he added.

Sanchez believes he has always been a silent philanthropist and being one helps him to build a good repertoire and to attain the objective he have started.

It is always a fulfillment for him to help others as helping, for him, is everyone’s need while they still exist in the world.

“The finest feeling is when help was given and have made a difference in once life.” Sanchez said..

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