There is No Place Like DOME

There is nothing more satisfying than a home cooked meal. Indeed even chefs like Jacques Pepin – whose dishes scream classical French – would find solace in preparing a heart-warming dish for his family amidst the very busy life he has at his kitchens. And if a chef with his busy life style could enjoy a meal prepared simplistically yet adhering to such high standards, then the same would apply to all of us. In fact, I was craving for something quite familiar for my palate just the past week and it seems that that craving would not be met until I stepped into Dome café’s doors in Riffa Views.

Amidst the busy hubbub of a typical Bahraini weekday morning, servers donning warm smiles shuttled hearty plates of fluffy pancakes and waffles to tables near to where I sat. Not even a minute passed that someone from Dome Café’s service team introduced the brand’s bestsellers in a way that even the most hurried person would want to just let go and bask in the ambience of a warm comfortable European-Style setting, the aroma of freshly prepared pancakes and waffles filling the atmosphere whilst listening to descriptions of delicious and fresh ingredients that create the most scrumptious dishes.

I decided to scan the extensive menu presented in a neat book-style format that the eyes could easily covet. Scanning the Hot Kitchen section looking for the dish that I have been craving to have, my eyes dart up and down looking for the familiar recipe name: Stroganoff. And there it was in a section of the menu titled Real Meals: Beef Stroganoff served with Saffron Pilaf. Even if this classic home-style dish may have had its origins in Russia, this dish has been given its own treatment and enjoyed the world-over especially at Dome Café where the presentation is neat, drawing the patrons eyes onto a bowl of creamy tender slivers of premium tenderloin that just melt in the mouth, paired with warm fluffy saffron and rose water infused pilaf, which I enjoyed whole-heartedly.

A companion of mine enjoyed his fare of Chicken Milanese, one of Dome Café’s bestsellers: three escallops of chicken breast, breaded and shallow fried to juicy perfection served with golden fried pomme frites. It is very clear that the kitchen battery of Dome Café understands how to cook meals to satisfy one’s heart and soul.

Next up on our list was a sweet indulgence of Dome Café’s Rich Chocolate Fondant: a chocolate soufflé with a rich chocolate sauce center served with a satisfyingly rich vanilla ice cream and fresh mixed berries that with every bite tingle the tastebuds.

At the end of our meal we were approached by Dome Café’s Kitchen Operations Manager, Subhasish Nandy, who personally overlooks all of Dome Café’s operations just to ensure that our meal was up to our expectations and perhaps even more. I was pleased to inform him that this would not be the last time that I would be visiting Dome Café in Riffa Views and that guest expectations from the stellar service, to the timeliness of food preparation to the overall ambience has been exceedingly met.

Indeed, Bahrain is full of dining options, and whether you want to relax by the seaside with a loved one, or take the whole family out for a fast meal, Bahrain has it all. Being one of the central melting pots of culture for the Middle East, the Kingdom of Bahrain offers cuisines from all over the world. Dome Café has various menu offerings from whole day breakfast options, salads, soups, hearty main courses, freshly prepared sandwiches, scrumptious desserts, hot and cold coffee drinks and milkshakes. Dome Café has four branches spread across Bahrain (Juffair, Amwaj, Seef and Riffa) so no matter where you may find yourself in Bahrain, there will always be a Dome Café to service your cravings for great food.

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