Toxin-free HOME

Home is where we resort after hours of being outside. It’s also the place where we spend much of our time when we are not working or doing outdoor activities. It only make sense that keeping our home clean and toxin-free is a must, to reduce stress from various stressors brought from the outside, making you relaxed and clean from inside out.

Starting from everyday products that we use, such as beauty care, dental care, and personal hygiene kit, must be ensured that these products are considered not toxic in our health and body. The products we use in our everyday lives contain toxins that we are not aware of. They contain synthetically-created chemicals that our body cannot even recognise as a toxin. Imagine that we use these products daily, our body must have been filled with toxins from the time we started using them, which then may lead to various illnesses and diseases. These products are mass produced and sent to the market to reach the customers as quickly as they can get. They were made to have synthetically-created toxic chemicals to speed up the process of manufacturing to be able to meet the demands of the customers.

There are few natural alternatives that are non-toxic and harmless to your health and your home:

Air Fresheners

Use incense or essential oils by burning or casting them. The scent helps clean the air, keeping away harmful bacteria, and contribute therapeutic effects on the your health. The smell of the essential oils also works as a natural relaxant and helps with stress relief, depression, and enhances the mood as well as elevating one’s alertness.


Most deodorants are filled with heavy metals, but companies such as Weleda have created deodorants free from antiperspirants that often disturb the body’s natural detoxification. Using natural ingredients such as essential oils, fruits, and flowers to create their product, Weleda deodorants naturalise odour-causing bacteria and keep you smelling great.


Used on the face and body daily, harsh chemicals on the body can seriously damage the skin, therefore it is important to check the ingredients on the products before using them, and companies such as Evan Healy Skincare and The Body Shop have products made from natural ingredients to help preserve the moisture and pH of the skin in order to keep it healthy and fresh


Often containing fluoride, toothpastes and mouthwashes can also be prove to be extremely dangerous, brands such as Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste and Essential Oxygen mouthwash are made using natural ingredients that not only help clean teeth and freshen breath but don’t harm the body either.

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